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Global Brand Experience Agency Spiro™ CMO Speaks About Future of Industry, Bonding Brands & Their Customers in New Campaign

(Adnkronos) – LAS VEGAS, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After a busy year in market, Spiro (sp-eye-roh), launches an evolved point of view in its new campaign, “Experience Brand Gravity™, Bonding Brand & Customer,” focused on high-impact brand experiences & events that cement connections between brands & their most important customers, stakeholders & fans. 

Customer preference—the most fickle element in predictive brand performance—is largely influenced by the experiences a customer derives from a brand after interacting with it. That positions events & brand experiences as powerful opportunities for brands to create long-term relationships with their audiences. It also positions the industry as a facilitator of these long-term connections, becoming an invaluable part of a brand’s strategic matrix. To do so, however, requires more than just orchestrating a memorable event to provide strategic value to brands & ultimately use the connections sparked to move the needle for businesses. 

“Our value to our clients is not merely that we create & execute events,” says Carley Faircloth, Global CMO of Spiro, in an op-ed featured in The Drum. “It is that we can design experiences to sway & stay customer preference towards their brand…execution is table stakes…that’s where our industry can raise the bar.” 

In Spiro’s case, the agency uses its uniquely differentiated Core Four foundational point of view, CCXD™ omnichannel communications strategy, T•RO™ measurable & actionable quant, and G.R.A.V.I.T.Y. Index™ to establish, nurture & show the value of these deep connections between brands & consumers. Spiro listens to client needs & works to understand their audience’s drivers, behaviors & engagement motivators to design experiences that forever bond brand & customer. 

“Historically, agencies within the experiential marketing industry have placed an overwhelming emphasis on the experience while failing to properly emphasize the brand,” says Faircloth. “What our clients seek now is not just a “vendor,” but a strategic commercial partner that can help deliver business goals while delivering experiences that place their brands as priority in the hearts & minds of their most important audiences.” 

To learn more about Spiro’s perspective on where the industry is heading—and how a through-the-line agency can deliver Brand Gravity by bonding brand & customer, click here. To see the New WOW experiences Spiro has created for its clients, check out ThisIsSpiro.com.  

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About Spiro: 

Experience Brand Gravity: Spiro™ (sp-eye-roh), the global brand experience agency delivering new WOW solutions & value to our clients through brand experiences & events that bond brand & customer. We are a partner that listens to your business needs & your audiences’ needs & behaviors. Working with some of the world’s most recognized brands, Spiro’s in-house strategists, creators, innovators, builders, marketers & specialists work with you to achieve your brand goals & unite your audiences—wherever they may be. We design experiences that position our client’s brand as priority in their audience’s hearts & minds forever, swaying & staying customer preference toward their brand through strategic creative & advanced digital solutions.For more, visit ThisIsSpiro.com. 


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