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ZEROVA Technologies Unveils New EV Charging Capabilities with DQ480

(Adnkronos) – TAOYUAN CITY, Taiwan, May 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ZEROVA Technologies, a recently spun-off electric vehicle charger maker under Phihong Technology, today announced its innovative new 480kW standalone DC charger, DQ480, ahead of the upcoming EVS36 Expo on June 11-14 and the Power2Drive Expo on June 14-16. Debuting this charger marks a key milestone for the brand’s commitment to delivering diversified charging solutions for the burgeoning EV market. 

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DQ480: Streamlined quad charging 

The 480kW standalone DC charger DQ480 raises the bar for EV charging capabilities with its capacity to charge four vehicles simultaneously via four charging guns. With lower average installation costs per car, DQ480 is a highly economical solution that is ideal for space-limited urban environments — such as fleets, busy petrol stations, commercial buildings, or shopping malls — and its aesthetics further contribute to this, delivering a streamlined, geometric design with minimalist elements. 

It also offers the ability to customize cooling systems, with the flexibility to install two liquid-cooled and two air-cooled charging guns. Users can choose from 4 layout arrangements and have the freedom to select from 2 alternative cooling systems. The two 500-amp water-cooled guns offer higher output power, shorter charging time, and better cooling efficiency, as well as a thinner cable design for a lighter weight and improved user experience. The two 300-amp air-cooled guns come with a boost mode that can increase the output power quickly during peak hours. 

In addition, the front panel display provides three distinct types of media screen layouts — 7-inch, 7-inch + 21.5-inch, or 32-inch. The 7-inch screen is used for the operation interface, while the 21.5-inch screen displays advertisements. This provides a platform for customers to advertise themselves or to rent advertisement space to local businesses and brands. 

Designed around optimal user experience, DQ480 also offers a smart cable-management system, and the gun weight can be adjusted for maximal user comfort. 

Lastly, DQ480 is equipped with both a card reader and a RFID system. 

Addressing diverse needs in the growing EV market 

ZEROVA Technologies is harnessing its strong technological expertise and decades of experience to facilitate the shift to electric-powered mobility. Embracing the thriving EV market and variegating needs, the brand offers a diverse product line, with chargers ranging from 30kW to 480kW along with various energy cabinet options. With tailored user experiences and efficient performance, the range of products covers retail and residential, workplace and commercial, and public charging applications. 

To harness the flourishing worldwide EV market, ZEROVA has established a global presence with offices in Amsterdam, California, Hai Phong, and Tokyo and has shipped more than 55,000 charging devices worldwide, spanning the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Partnerships with international companies have also grown, and the brand has collaborated with TCC, a global player in energy storage and e-mobility, to build charging stations around the world, in addition to officially becoming one of Shell’s global charging equipment suppliers at the end of 2022.  

Over 50 years of experience in power supply solutions 

ZEROVA’s parent company Phihong Technology has been developing power supply solutions for over fifty years and first entered the EV market in 2010, when it spun off an EV task force that later became ZEROVA Technologies in 2022. Since the beginning, ZEROVA has grown to a team of more than 600 dedicated professionals. 

With ZEROVA focused on enabling the shift to electric vehicles and green energy solutions, Phihong Technology has embraced a focus on smart life, medical electronics, and e-sports, while expanding into 5G. 

For further details about ZEROVA, please visit: https://www.zerovatech.com/. 

About ZEROVA TechnologiesZEROVA Technologies Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Phihong Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to providing integrated electric vehicle charging solutions for the global market. With decades of rich ODM/OEM experience, industry knowledge, technical capabilities, and proven manufacturing quality, the brand designs diverse, highly customized products and services suitable for international customers from different industries. With offices in Europe, the United States, and Asia, ZEROVA has a global presence, and more than 55,000 charging devices around the world are using ZEROVA’s charging solutions. 

To find out more, please visit:  https://www.zerovatech.com/. 

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