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UK Brand Kingston E-liquids Partners with INNOKIN in Bid to Replace Disposable Vapes

(Adnkronos) – Two leading vape brands are collaborating to reduce the cost and environmental impact of disposable vapes 

SHENZHEN, China, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Disposable vapes have seen a meteoric rise over the past two years and in terms of tobacco harm reduction, they have been a major triumph. With millions of users worldwide, the low barrier to entry has made disposable vapes a convenient option for smokers looking for a less harmful alternative. 

However, the short life cycle of disposable vapes presents some real long-term concerns, namely their environmental impact, and high cost to consumers over time. Now, UK e-liquid brand Kingston E-liquids has teamed up with veteran vape manufacturer INNOKIN to deliver a better solution – The Podbar Salts Endura S1 kit. 

Kingston E-liquids has become a true British success story since launching in 2017. With humble beginnings, founder John Wilson had a desire to produce premium e-liquids within the UK, at a time when many leading brands were imported. After formulating their first line of flavours, the Kingston team started operations on a local scale and quickly gained a reputation for supplying high-quality products at fair prices. Before long, Kingston E-liquids secured distribution across the entirety of Yorkshire and then the UK with an expanding presence across Europe. Today, they operate 4 retail locations across Hull with a loyal customer base and are constantly working on new lines of flavours to satisfy the ever-evolving tastes of vapers. 

Kingston is a case study in sticking to your roots, as the brand continues to formulate, produce, and fill all its products within the UK, even with the rise of disposable vapes, which encouraged many brands to move overseas. What makes the Kingston story even more remarkable is managing director John Wilson’s perseverance to overcome disability. After losing his sight four years ago, John purchased a mobility cane and returned to work within 48 hours, declaring that his management of Kingston would continue as usual. Whilst privately coming to terms with blindness, the Kingston brand has continued to thrive, a testament to John’s passion for vaping. 

John and the Kingston team wanted to solve the key issues surrounding disposable vapes. Recreating the true flavour of their UK-made e-liquids was impossible with pre-filled disposables, so a refillable device was needed. In addition, Kingston wanted to deliver better value to customers, while retaining the convenience of disposables and reducing waste. 

This is where the partnership with veteran vape device manufacturer INNOKIN began. Founded in 2011, INNOKIN’s devices have been international best-sellers for more than a decade, and their brand is built on innovative design. INNOKIN’s latest device, the Endura S1, has been specifically created as a next step for users of disposable vapes. 

The Endura S1 is a simple refillable, rechargeable device and is offered in a co-branded package containing Kingston’s new Podbar Salts e-liquid, for maximum convenience. With a retail price of £9.99, the Podbar Salts Endura S1 starter kit delivers approximately 3500 puffs using the included 10ml bottle and is totally TPD compliant. With the purchase of an additional bottle of Podbar salts, customers can expect to reach up to 7000 puffs from a single Endura S1 kit, offering exceptional value compared to a single-use disposable. Customers would typically have to buy 10 single-use disposables for the same number of puffs. With an expected longevity of 10-12 refills, the Endura S1 has a much longer life cycle than other disposable vapes, which significantly reduces the cost to consumers and environmental impact. 

The all-in-one package and low RRP makes the Podbar Salts Endura S1 starter pack a compelling offering for convenience retailers, symbol groups, and specialist vape stores alike. Customers can expect to see the new collaborative release appearing on store shelves in the coming weeks. 

Commenting on the launch, Kingston E-liquids Managing Director, John Wilson said: “We always look to deliver quality and value to our customers, and don’t believe there should have to be a compromise to achieve this. The Podbar Salts Endura S1 allows our customers to experience true Kingston flavours, at a fraction of the cost of disposables, with all the convenience they demand. Partnering with INNOKIN has helped us offer a better solution for transitioning smokers and we look forward to developing this important part of our customer experience”. 

In addition, Wilson commented on the UK government’s smoke-free 2030 goal saying:  “The government has an ambitious plan to eradicate cigarette use by 2030. This in effect over the next 20 – 30 years may reduce the high level of smoking-related illnesses and deaths. Before vaping came along, taxation, packaging changes, and other smoking alternatives had failed to reduce cigarette use in significant numbers. Although not perfect, vaping has been the only solution to reduce smoking numbers substantially and it may need more legislation in the future”. 

Kingston has recently embarked on a major expansion moving to a 48,000 SQFT manufacturing and distribution facility in Hull. Tom Wilson, head of European sales, sees this expansion as a major development of Kingston Trading UK Ltd and is working hard to make the UK-made Kingston brands a major international player. 

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