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The future of fitness is personalised: EuropeActive and Deloitte report unveils opportunities for Agillic as a trusted partner in the health and fitness industry

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Agillic proudly announces its sponsorship of the highly anticipated European Health & Fitness Market Report 2023 by EuropeActive and Deloitte. This collaboration signifies Agillic’s commitment to supporting the health and fitness industry in achieving digitalisation, harnessing tech innovation, and effectively reaching its goals through personalised communication. 

The European health and fitness market has experienced a positive change in data collection and research, essential for the sector’s post-pandemic recovery. The latest market report highlights an increase in memberships from 56.2 million to 63.1 million (+12.3%) and a rise in the number of fitness clubs to 63,830. Total revenues have reached an impressive 28 billion Euros, with notable progress in reducing churn rates by leveraging advanced data-driven approaches. 

In line with the fitness industry’s recovery, European operators have witnessed increased frequency in fitness practitioners, with a shift towards omnichannel approaches encompassing home, outdoor, and club-based activities. During the pandemic, 65% of operators launched outdoor fitness offerings, showcasing the industry’s adaptability. Moreover, 94% of operators have implemented member apps, with 75% offering digital exercise content, presenting new opportunities for targeted communication channels. 

Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic adds:”It’s exciting to see that the health and fitness industry is progressing and pursuing more personalised experiences across the board. At Agilic, we understand that creating value for members through accurate, bespoke communication is the number one way to increase memberships, expand locations and decrease churn. We believe in finding the best fit between fitness consumers and the brand offering, taking into account aspects such as location, routines, economy, and culture. Through our sponsorship of this report and commitment to personalised communication, Agillic will continue to empower the health and fitness industry to reach new heights, drive engagement and succeed in their digitalisation journey.” 

Agillic’s personalisation capabilities align perfectly with the industry’s focus on health awareness and digitalisation. By leveraging member data and routines, Agillic enables fitness centres to personalise communications and help target environmental actions, such as water and electricity usage, recycling efforts, and waste reduction initiatives. This empowers fitness enthusiasts to be actively involved in the sustainability goals of the sector, driving positive change on a larger scale. 

Partner networking is another area where Agillic can make a significant difference. By harnessing the power of data, Agillic enables fitness centres to forge stronger partnerships, increasing accuracy and enhancing personalisation. The ability to connect various data points results in more precise communication, leading to improved member experiences and increased customer loyalty. 

“With the goal of reaching 100 million members by 2030, the fitness industry faces the challenge of optimising members’ time and maximising their fitness journeys. Agillic’s Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform is designed to tackle these challenges head-on by harnessing the power of data and personalisation. By deeply understanding member behaviour and preferences, we enable fitness centres to deliver automated and personalised communications that truly resonate. Through this tailored approach, we empower fitness centres to enhance member engagement, boost customer satisfaction, and achieve their business goals more effectively.” — Luis González | VP of Customer Success & Support, Agillic 

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