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'Our Ocean: The Fight for Sustainability' Advances TaiwanPlus's Commitment to Environmental Protection

(Adnkronos) – New Five-Part Docuseries Focuses on Taiwan’s Perspective on the Global Challenges of Ocean Conservation 

TAIPEI, June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Common problems demand uncommon solutions to avert an oncoming crisis facing the world’s oceans. That is the message of “Our Ocean: The Fight for Sustainability,” the five-part docuseries premiering on World Ocean Day on June 8, 2023 on TaiwanPlus. The program not only highlights the global challenges of ocean conservation, but also further demonstrates TaiwanPlus’s commitment to sustainability and education through its news and programming. 

“Our Ocean” focuses on the urgent need to preserve Taiwan’s marine health, exploring various solutions in technology, ecotourism, waste management, and education. The program’s host Dr. Aziz J. Mulla, a British marine ecologist and research fellow at Academia Sinica, believes global collaboration is key to solving the climate crisis. “Taiwan’s marine health is determined not only by Taiwan alone, but also by what happens in its surrounding waters,” said Dr. Mulla. “We all share these common problems because our livelihood and economy depend on the ocean. What is missing is a clear direction in communicating the science to the public — changing our social norms is a matter of urgency.” 

The creators of “Our Ocean” want to contribute to the fight for public awareness by portraying a local perspective on the global priority. TaiwanPlus CEO Michael Yu said, “Taiwan’s impending ocean crisis is a microcosm of a larger global environmental challenge. ‘Our Ocean’ further fulfills TaiwanPlus’s commitment to highlighting pressing issues facing the world today, which of course includes the climate crisis.” 

TaiwanPlus’s ongoing sustainability initiatives include expanding coverage on climate issues, in addition to releasing several programs on the environment. Its flagship news program, “Connected With Divya Gopalan,” has recently released episodes on oceans in distress, beach waste and the global water crisis. New episodes of “Our Ocean” will be released weekly through July 6th on the TaiwanPlus website, app, and TaiwanPlus Docs on YouTube. 

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