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DEEP Robotics Debuts New Lite3 quadrupedal robots at ICRA 2023 in London

(Adnkronos) – LONDON, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DEEP Robotics Co., a global pioneer in the development and industrial application of quadrupedal robots, today debuted its latest intelligent robot dog, the Lite3, at the 2023 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2023) in London. 

Alongside the Lite3, DEEP Robotics also showcased its four-legged, or quadrupedal, X20 robot. The Lite3 and X20 represent the latest developments in DEEP Robotics’ technology for advanced mobility and modular functions. 

The ICRA 2023, which runs from May 29 to 1 June, is the largest global event of the year for the robotics and automation sector. It is organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 

“At DEEP Robotics we are very excited to demonstrate the advanced mobility and functionality of Lite3, in particular its dexterity, agility and balance doing such movements as front flips.” said ZHEN CHU Head of Algorithm Mobility at DEEP Robotics. 

Lite3 is designed for educational and scientific research purposes. Using the latest self-developed joints, control systems, and leading algorithms deep in the cloud, it has stronger, more agile, and more durable motion capabilities. Lite3’s open modular structure and interface make it adaptable and scalable, allowing for the development of advanced perceptual abilities, such as autonomous navigation, automatic obstacle stopping and avoidance, visual positioning, and environmental reconstruction. 

Meanwhile, the X20 quadrupedal robot, the latest edition in the DEEP Robotics Jueying series, is also featured at ICRA 2023. The X20 was designed and has already been deployed for industrial use since. The tasks it undertakes include power inspections, emergency rescues, public safety inspections, tunnel, mining and industrial site inspections, and construction site exploration. 

“We are committed to driving automation in areas of work that involve high risk yet repetitive manual tasks, especially in extreme weather, hazardous environments, and disaster conditions,” said ZHEN CHU. 

Earlier this year, a team of five X20 robots successfully completed a series of autonomous collaborative searches in a trial using eight different scenarios across an unknown environment covering 3,000 square meters. The success of the four-legged X20 robots in the trial showed their potential if deployed in search and inspection capacities. 

DEEP Robotics is at the forefront globally in the development of quadruped robot core components and systems, advanced motion control algorithms, intelligent environment perception and AI algorithms, and is committed to achieving a more efficient and intelligent future through the ultimate combination of motion and intelligence. 

The company’s clients and partners include Eastern Green Power, SUPCON,Lenovo, Takenaka Corporation, Baosteel, University College London and the University of Edinburgh. 

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